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Facebook and Apple, winners of the Big Brother prize

The latest edition of Big Brother prize, the German association FoeBuD, was granted to these companies for not respecting the privacy information.

The social network Facebook and the computer company Apple are the winners, among others, of the latest edition of Big Brother prize awarded annually by the German association for the defense and protection of data “FoeBuD”, given to those that do not respect online privacy rights .

The association announced today in the German town of Bielefeld the eight winners of the awards that reward those considered as “fetishists of monitoring information”, “Internet vandals” and “octopus data hoarders.”

The jury Big Brother, reminiscent of the novel 1984 by George Orwell and his fictional state of total surveillance, stressed that Facebook earns billions by systematical attacks on data protection laws.

For its part, Apple deserves the award for forcing iPhone owners to accept compulsory rules so as to make calls, which involves being physically located and bombarded with advertising.

Another winner was the Minister of Interior of the German state of Lower Saxony, Uwe Schünemann, for using mini unmanned aircraft with cameras to monitor anti-nuclear demonstrators.

The German association awarded another prize Big Brother fashion company Peuterey for hiding RFID chips in their products that can read data without contact and without the clients knowing it when they wear the clothes.

And as a representative of other big corporations, the Daimler group has earned an award Big Brother by requiring those who aspire to a job in your production line to undergo blood tests.

German Customs and the chairman of the committee responsible for conducting a census in Germany during 2011, Gert Wagner, and publisher of science and information Starnberg complete the group of winners of this Big Brother edition.

Tom, 02. April 2011

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