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FoeBuD Announces RFID Sensing Device

Rena Tangens : Privacy Gadget against RFID spychips and scanners

German art and consumer privacy advocate group FoeBuD [original German: ] [machine translated English:] has announced plans to release an RFID system detecting device.

From the group's leader, Rena Tangens:

"The "DataPrivatizer" is a FoeBuD project which aims at giving the power of action back to citizens and making resistance fun. It is a small eletronic device designed to detect hidden RFID chips and RFID scanners. With this project FoeBuD won the idea contest of Stiftung bridge (citizens rights in the digital society) in 2003.

At WOS3 I will present a prototype of the DataPrivatizer and talk about some background of the stopRFID campaign. "

Editors see a large market for a device like this (in the tinfoil hat crowd) as consumers become more aware of nearly constant data gathering.

FoeBuD joined forces with CASPIAN earlier this year to successfully lobby against the Metro Group's future store programs.

rfidNews, New York, USA , 13. Juni 2004

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